How to use Skim AI in your research process

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How to use Skim AI in your research process

It’s very likely that your organization’s current methods for managing the research process, the data collected from it and the content produced as a result are coming up short. Tools like Google Drive, Evernote, and built-in search from your computer don’t provide the advanced precision required to produce the results you’re looking for. Which leaves you less informed and lacking critical information for each business decision.

Easily Manage and Locate Your Resources

How often have you been sure of a datapoint or report existing among your organization’s database but been unable to find it? Skim AI eliminates the disappointment of lost or duplicate work. With a single click, sync your Google Drive or Dropbox account and Skim AI starts it’s indexing and labeling process, enabling you to use advanced filtering to quickly uncover those buried resources.

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Skim AI is trained through machine learning to index and label each resource down to the sentence level. That means you can search your own library of resources by entities such as people, places, companies, and keywords to review the documents that contain information related to your query. Easy visualization tools help you see which entities or keywords are most common among your entire collection of documents as well as those that are related to each individual document.

Discover New Data

Skim AI’s news dashboard pulls from internationally respected news resources which allows you to filter the noise from off-the-cuff journalism and abstract sites to find only reliable information. With the same advanced search features as are available to you on your own files, search the world’s top publications for resources related to your topic. The fact search engine returns entire articles or individual sentences from those articles that reference the topics you searched for.




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With Skim AI’s one-click summary tool,  summarize or pull facts and quotes out from each resource to identify important fragments within an article. 



Organize and Share Information

Skim AI Citations

Skim AI offers a platform to clearly store and share your research findings and produced content. Customize your folders by client, topic or industry to keep all related resources together.  If citation management is important, use our build in citation generator to organize and export all your information in common citation formats (APA, MLA and more).

Looking for custom functionality?

Work with our data experts to build custom products utilizing machine learning models to fit your needs.

Built-in Recommendation Capabilities: We can also make it easy to find similar files with custom models that index your files can recommend similar files (research, reports, transcripts, docs, .xls, .pptx, html and more).

Custom Sources: We can add the sources you want to be searched to our DB and give you all the functionality mentioned above.

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