AI Solutions for Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence can have your guests feeling at home, and your business running like clockwork.

Here’s how Hospitality companies can use AI and Machine Learning for smooth operations and more intimate guest experiences.
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Keep your hospitality operations running independently, so you can focus on your guests

Optimize supply chain orders Generative AI can analyze past data, and predict supply chain demand for the coming months, even years—enabling your team to manually place or even automate orders to ensure you have enough stock of the right item, exactly when you need it. Minimizing waste and maximizing on demand.

Optimize supply chain orders

Spot and accommodate customer behavior trends AI is able to study customer behavior and buying trends and feed data back to your product, marketing, sales, and operations teams to ensure every team can adapt their strategies going on what buyers are actually buying, or looking to.

Spot and accommodate customer behavior trends

Predictive machine maintenance Generative AI is able to highlight when your machines may need maintenance. Build AI that alerts your team to excessive energy usage that could highlight a machine malfunction, before it happens. Prolong the shelf-life of your equipment and minimize your costs.

Predictive machine maintenance

Staff scheduling predictions Feed your booking and guest data into AI to ensure you can optimize your workforce and finances. Only have your team working during those busier hours of the day, or months of the year, and ensure they get the rest they need in between. Never be over—or under-staffed again.

Staff scheduling predictions
Room and space optimization
Machine-accurate quality control
Revenue management

Have your guests feel at home—or even better

Personalized customer service & in-house experiences

Use AI to provide personalized customer experiences going on webpage interactions and buying data from your guests. Suggest last-minute getaways, exclusive room availability, or new recipe combinations you know your guests will love—even if they don’t know it themselves, yet!

Build with sustainability in mind

Keep tabs on your energy consumption, water, and food waste. Turn these consumption metrics into sustainability optimization opportunities, ensuring your Hospitality business minimizes excessive or unnecessary usage, only using precisely what you need to do business. What’s more, report all of this back to your guests and nip eco-anxiety in the bud.

No more: “Housekeeping?” Just, house keeping

Have AI better understand long-term guests and their movements with smart keycard tracking systems and behavioral trends. Eliminate uncomfortable “housekeeping?” calls, and drop in on your guest’s rooms when your team is more certain they’re not there. Keep the magic of house keeping alongside guest privacy.

AI-enabled smart rooms to stop your guests from guessing

Introduce smart rooms to fully automate room temperature, and save on energy output by turning off any unused appliances. At the same time, give guests complete and comfortable control over lighting, entertainment appliances, and even hardware, like blinds. Give guests a VIP experience they’ll love.

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