AI Solutions for Photo and Film Companies

Artificial Intelligence can enhance the performance of photo and film companies to deliver work quicker.

Here’s how we can use AI and Machine Learning to deliver bespoke, problem-solving solutions for photo and film companies big and small.

Deliver your photo and film projects in half the time

Say see ya with segmentation

Automate the removal of unwanted people and objects from the background across thousands of images and video frames at a time. Enable your team to faster apply edits to the subject or foreground.
Say See Ya With Segmentation
Implement Dynamic Chroma Key

Implement dynamic chroma key

Use real-time segmentation to remove your subjects from a greenscreen background in a flash, so your talent can get to the bulk of the edit quicker.

White-balance, colorization, and color mastering made easy

Shooting from different devices, with different sensors, or throughout the day with inconsistent lighting? No problem. Use AI to apply post-processing to your shoot all at once. Say goodbye to the hundreds of clicks you’re currently taking to reach the same results on Photoshop.
White-Balance, Colorization,<br />
And Color Mastering Made Easy
Object Detection At A<br />
Faster Rate

Object detection at a faster rate

Looking for objects across a scene for removal, processing, or for identification for potential marketing opportunities? Have AI help you out. Rather than spending hours scanning photos yourself, have AI recognize and flag the objects for you. Where’s Wally 2.0.

Generation of 3D assets

Use AI to generate 3D assets out of whatever you’re working with. Bring your imagery to life, or have it ready for other campaigns by using smart technology, and get rid of the hours it will typically take you to map out a 3D version of your 2D subject.
Generation Of 3D Assets
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Image and video tagging for easier storage

Organize your data: be it videos, images, or something else. Have AI tag and store your data in an internal database making it more searchable and navigable for your team.

Streamline creative’s workflows

Ensure no one is swimming upstream. Automatically progress tasks, and have AI assign photographers and filmmakers topics that best suit their skill sets and network.
Streamline Creative’s<br />
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Style transfer in a click

Getting stylish has never been this simple. Apply stylization of colors, textures, and lines across images and movies using images or frames as inputs for a style and applying it to other images or whole videos/movies. Automate the entire process and save your team hours of time.

Subtitles in a flash

Have AI listen to audio and interpret this into subtitles, so your team can focus on the stylistic delivery of your film content, rather than running cumbersome tasks that need to be done.
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Accessible AI for photo and film happens here

This is what AI in photo and film looks like

NITL saves hours of editorial work every week by using AI

Sebring Revolution saves time and money in post-production work with AI

Sebring Revolution partnered with Skim AI to automate a huge part of their multidimensional media post-production process—enabling the team to deliver work a week faster than before.

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Hyperreal uses Generative AI for video rendering

Hyperreal partnered with Skim Ai to produce high-quality images and video fit for TV in a fraction of the time.

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