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Google-Chrome Extension 

  • Summarize Text
  • Instantly Extract Bullets of Facts
  • Search Engine for Facts
  • Algorithmic Markup of Facts & Opinions
  • Discover Insights
  • Organize your Research
  • Clipping Tools for All Websites
  • PDF Support
  • Supports Majority of Media Sites

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   Target Market

  • Macroeconomic Investors
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Journalist
  • Researchers / PHDs
  • PHD / MBA / Graduate Students 


  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Works on 95% of News Sites
  • Search Engine For Facts
  • Identify Actionable Insights Faster
  • Recover Time by Eliminating Noise
  • Free up Mental Capacity (Focus)
  • Algorithm that Learns from Use
  • Metadata Extraction

   Enterprise Solutions

  • Content Extraction API
  • Summarization API
  • Fact Extraction API
  • Fact Search-Engine API
  • WordPress Integration (coming soon)
  • Slack Integration (coming soon)

just the facts

Search Engine for Facts 


A Step-Function Increase In Search Capabilities



Easily Retrieve with Source Information

Skim Marked-Up Articles

Pink Text

Important Factual Information

Blue Text

Important Estimates, Projections & Opinions

Grey Text

Neutral, Not Actionable or Truly Insightful