Transition into the future with custom AI solutions

Skim AI offers AI as a Service, a full scale of managed services to build, train, implement and maintain a solution to scale your business, your way.

Why Skim AI?

Over 80% of data science projects fail to go beyond testing and into production. Whether that’s due to lack of experience, resources or support, Skim AI fills the gap. Our mission is to knock down roadblocks to democratize machine learning and bring businesses to the future of automation, allowing human resources to be allocated where they are best fit. Our team builds, deploys, and maintains custom machine learning models that helps your team optimize performance.

How it works

Discover how you can capitalize on ML and AI to scale your business and improve efficiencies

Work closely with our experts to identify opportunities to improve your current operations. Whether you have a team of experienced data scientists or you’re brand new to the potential of ML, a full consulting evaluation will help pinpoint which processes to automate.

Leave it to us to plan, develop, train, and deploy the model so no resources are taken from your team

Our fully managed service ensures that your team remains undistracted while we build and roll out your custom production model and stays on board with you to manage and maintain it throughout our partnership.

Manage and adapt the model to match your needs

Our team of experts can train your team internally if or when you're ready to take ownership of the ML project. If not, we stay on board to manage and maintain the model to reflect changing dynamics and needs.

Which Skim AI solutions do you need?

Language (NLP)

Vision (CV)

Entity, Keyword, Data Extraction

Abstractive & Extractive Summarization

Sentiment Classification

Recommendation Systems

Data Classification & Tagging

Semantic search

Object Detection

Isolation / Image Segmentation


Color Stabilization / White Balancing

Style Transfer

and more…

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