AI Solutions for Crypto & Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence can enhance the performance of Crypto & Blockchain companies to deliver efficient decentralized networks.

Here’s how you can use AI and Machine Learning to deliver Crypto and Blockchain solutions to improve security, efficiency, and overall profitability.
AI Solutions For Crypto & Blockchain

Faster and more accurate Crypto and Blockchain operations

Fraud detection in the Blockchain network

With the rise of AI, fraud is at the top of many business owners’ worry lists. Use good AI to combat bad AI and detect fraudulent activities in the Blockchain network, with identity verification, and more. Analyze 1,000s of transaction patterns, and alert your team to anything suspicious.
Discover how can capitalize
Discover how can capitalize

Spot trends before they’re trends

Use predictive analytics to analyze important markets and predict incoming behavior or trends. Enable your team to spot trends, before they’re trends for everyone else, and make more informed, smarter business decisions and investment bets.

Create and execute adaptable contracts

The Blockchain environment is volatile and changes fast. This means that many contracts become redundant or in dire need of an update just as quickly as they are signed. Empower AI to adapt contracts to changes in the market and ensure all parties are up-to-date and happy with their growing agreement.
Create and execute adaptable contracts
Discover how can capitalize

Optimize your trading strategies

Give your team the resources they need to make more informed trading decisions, it’s near impossible to expect a Crypto trader to keep tabs on the market 24/7. Have AI present trading algorithm trends and learnings, so your human team can innovate ways to maximize profits.

Ensure stakeholder compliance

Compliance can be hard to abide by in this industry, it’s ever-changing, and it will only take one client or employee slip-up to land your business a potential fine. Use AI to ensure all your Crypto and Blockchain stakeholders are remaining compliant with industry standards and policies.
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This is what AI in the Crypto and Blockchain sectors looks like

Analyze The Underlying<br />
Sentiment In Media

How Grifin used AI to support holistic investing

Grifin partnered with Skim AI to build out AI models that enabled them to classify transactions, match transaction data to public companies, and identify subsidiary companies of public companies for more relevant investing.

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How Big Data Protocol Easily Run Industry Sentiment Analysis

How Big Data Protocol easily run industry sentiment analysis

Big Data Protocol partnered with Skim Ai to process social media data around crypto assets, NFTs, and more, across Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for a better understanding of market sentiment.

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How Valid Network used AI to provide real-time data to clients

How Valid Network used AI to provide real-time data to clients

Valid Network partnered with Skim Ai to provide real-time social media insights on crypto and NFT projects to institutional traders and investors in under ten minutes.

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