AI Solutions for Content Companies

Artificial Intelligence can enhance the performance of content companies to deliver content quicker.

Here’s how we can use Generative AI and Machine Learning to deliver bespoke, problem-solving solutions for content companies big and small.

Set your content up for success

Aggregate global content for ideation Collect global, top-performing content to inspire your own efforts within your content niche. Forget saving posts you see working or trying to keep tabs on competitors in clunky social media platforms, develop your own AI model to help track and present the lot.

Machine-powered editing services Create content in half the time by drastically cutting down on your editing processes. Have generative AI models read your written content and suggest room for improvement, catch any grammar errors, and get your content to market faster.

Run rapid data analytics Set your content up for success and accurately measure that success. Build an AI model that can highlight the KPI of certain content, and how the market engages with different types of content—helping you to hit your goals the first time around.

Monitor entities and keywords Stay in the know on all there is to know. Track competitors, inspiring entities, or topics that are relevant to your team for a better understanding of what’s going on with the subjects you need to know about. Have AI wrap everything up, to give your team the brief overview they need.

Streamline processes for content creators

Beat The Content Creator’s Block

Use AI to help beat the block. Have AI inspire and prompt your content-building efforts by asking thought-provoking questions, suggesting thought topics, content pillars, or spin-off posts from your more successful pieces.

Streamline Creator Workflows

Ensure no one’s day is a struggle ever again, giving them the creative time and freedom to think out content that will shine. Automatically progress tasks, and have AI assign creators topics that best suit their skill sets and network.

Find Content Faster With Image And Video Tagging

Organize your data: be it videos, images, blogs, podcasts, or something else. Have generative AI tag and store your content in an internal database making it more searchable and navigable for your team.

Transcribe Or Translate For Diverse Audiences

Get your content in the eyes, ears, and screens of more people than ever before. Use AI models to help transcribe or translate your content so it's more accessible for all types of markets and people.

Help your community thrive

Create Content Recommendation Systems

Use advanced filters to improve content recommendations for your audience. Generate increased page views, maximize time on site, and build engagement by recommending content that users love—keeping them with you for longer.

Moderate UGC & Foster Community Engagement

Keep tabs on any comments that breach your policies, or promote hate speech on your content. Have AI run sentiment analysis & flag any comments that may need reviewing by your team. At the same time, use generative AI to provoke conversations among your community within comments sections & keep the buzz going for longer.

Help Readers Find The Content They’re Looking For

Use semantic search to create a search bar that returns relevant results to human queries, not exact text matching that fails to satisfy search intent. Help your users find the content they love faster & increase their satisfaction with your business.

Accessible AI for Investment Due Diligence happens here

Manage and learn from your content data


Monitor your brand reputation with sentiment analysis

Uncover the sentiment of topics, keywords, and entities to keep track of what’s being said and where about your product. Enabling you to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Long-term partners


Generate text with extractive and abstractive summarization

Extract a fraction from a piece of text to generate a summary your team can use to get the gist of an hour-long podcast—for example. From there, generate a content-build summary using AI-generated text that mimics your style and build out new content briefs or content types.

Speedy set-up time


Extract key business information

Easily extract key information for storage and use in your internal and external front-end systems, enabling you, and your teams, to make smarter business growth decisions. For example, easily identify the content that drives your largest ROI for minimal lift.

Customizable API

This is what AI in content looks like

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