AI Solutions for Legal Services

Artificial Intelligence increases operational efficiency to help your lawyers and paralegals focus on your clients.

Here’s how we use AI and Machine Learning to deliver bespoke, time-saving solutions in the legal industry.
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Make better, faster decisions

Predict case outcomes before investing time in them

Reduce the time taken to assess each case’s success potential by implementing a risk assessment system built from years of your own decision-making. Free up your team to focus on what matters most—viable clients and cases.

Speed up due diligence

Let bespoke AI solutions identify potential risks or unusual clauses and cases during due diligence to give your team more time, without sacrificing quality. AI does the heavy lifting, then you step in for the final review of flagged clauses.

Detect fraudulent claims from the get-go

Identify fraudulent claims by analyzing new claims against your archives of previous fraudulent cases. Reduce time spent on cases based on fraudulent claims and increase firm integrity.

Deploy a client-facing chatbot

AI-powered chatbots can handle basic client inquiries, provide legal information, and assist with initial case assessments for your law firm. They work around the clock to provide instant responses—improving client engagement and satisfaction while your team takes the rest they deserve.

Improve information and document management

Classify documents for easy retrieval Switching from hard copies to digital copies may seem ideal, but sorting through endless folders and archives can quickly eat into your time. Document classification systems enable you to automatically tag documents for efficient storage and easy retrieval.

Classify documents for easy retrieval

Automate the creation of key documents You likely draft the same documents day in and day out for various clients in differing industries—but you don’t need to. Let AI handle document creation to free up your time—you just give the final green light and it’s good to go.

Automate the creation of key documents

Stay up-to-date with document status Get better insights into the progress of your client-facing documents, including whether they pose any complications and how long you can expect to wait for the client's signature.

Stay up-to-date with document status

Create more efficient and secure internal processes

Build A Chatbot For<br />
Simple Assistance

Build a chatbot for simple assistance

Get quick answers to simple legal questions with an AI chatbot that pulls information from online legal information resources. Your lawyers and paralegals should be able to access key info in a pinch—and AI facilitates that.

Automate mundane tasks

Automate mundane tasks

Repetitive tasks are low-effort but essential—let AI handle them. Whether it’s time-tracking, billing, scheduling, or any other must-do task—we can build AI solutions to free up your schedule for the cases that need humans at the forefront.

Ensure you’re fully compliant and secure

Ensure you’re fully compliant and secure

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations no matter where you are in the world by automatically identifying and flagging sensitive information within documents. AI can also help monitor and detect potential security breaches—making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Accessible AI for Law Firms happens here

This is what AI in Legal Services looks like

How Lemontech classifies thousands of law cases in an instant

Lemontech partnered with Skim AI to classify hundreds of thousands of court cases in an instant. Their AI system made it easy for users to search for specific legal filings, and track cases by searching via entities, addresses, names, companies, and more.
How Lemontech Classifies<br />
Thousands Of Law Case In An Instant

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