AI Solutions for PR & Communications Companies

Artificial Intelligence can enhance the performance of PR & Comms companies to deliver quicker.

Here’s how we use AI and Machine Learning to deliver bespoke, problem-solving solutions for PR and Comms companies big and small.

AI Solutions For PR & Communications Companies

Communicate what matters faster than anyone else

Aggregate global PR news in seconds Use AI to read, aggregate, and condense news articles from thousands of sources in seconds. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, when it’s happening, while fact-checking every step of the way to reduce the propagation of misinformation.

Machine-powered editing services Have AI write in your tone of voice and optimize for how your audience reads. Use AI to streamline your editing processes, highlighting misses in grammar, vocabulary, and even tone.

Monitor entities and keywords Use entity extraction on the news and social media to extract mentions and aggregate statistics on companies, people, institutions, locations, products, and more with entity and keyword extractions.

Streamline processes for your team

Beat writer’s block

Use AI to help your writers beat the block. Have AI lure writers out of writer slumps by asking provocative questions and prompting writers to write enticing interviews or scripts.

Image and video tagging

Organize your videos, images, and any other type of data. Have AI tag and store your data in an internal database making it more searchable and navigable for your team.

Streamline team workflows

Ensure no one is swimming against the current. Automatically progress tasks, and have AI assign writers topics or new clients that best match their skill sets and network.

Transcribe or translate opportunities from other source types

Foreign PR opportunities landing in your inbox? No problem. Use AI to transcribe or translate foreign news sources, so you’re able to seize new opportunities and expand your reach.

Develop information management solutions for your PR and Comms Company

Analyze The Underlying<br />
Sentiment In Media

Analyze the underlying sentiment in media

Uncover the sentiment of topics, keywords, and entities to keep track of what’s being said and where about your people, products, or something else. This will enable you to put out fires when they’re just a spark.
Effortlessly Classify<br />
Incoming Information

Effortlessly classify incoming information

Analyze and classify data from all over to create one, unified Business Intelligence dashboard for more-informed decision-making, and smoother business growth.
Automate PR &<br />
Comms Campaigns

Automate PR & Comms campaigns

Warm inboxes, host mass send outs for feature opportunities, rewrite content for different channels, and more by using AI to help you automate the bulk work so your human talent can focus on giving each outreach campaign a unique spark.

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This is what AI in PR & Comms looks like

NITL saves hours of editorial work every week by using AI

NITL saves hours of editorial work every week by using AI

News In Three Lines partnered with Skim AI to build an AI model that helps aggregate daily news from over 500 sources and deliver it in three lines to readers across the globe.

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How Buho used AI to automate their processes

Buho partnered with Skim AI to save time on analyzing news media and social media in order to bring their clients an accurate social monitoring dashboard quicker and more accurately than their previous process.

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