Educational Tecnhology

Ed-Tech Companies

How do you use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Education Technology (Ed-Tech) solutions?
The following are ways that some of our customers are doing just that.


Content Recommendation Systems

Recommend similar articles or content to the content on the screen of your readers, use advanced filters to improve recommendations.

Generate increased page views, time on site and engagement

User-based Recommendation Systems

Build profiles of users, with topics of interest and other consumption metrics to suggest trending content to similar users.

Improve content recommendations with this level of increased personalizations.

Summarization – Extractive & Abstractive

Extract a fraction (e.g. 20%, or 30 words) from a piece of text to generate an extractive summary.

Generate a summary with extracted information and AI generated text and rewrites for abstractive summaries that can mimic your style.

***Avoid some copyright issues with abstractive summarization as it produces generative work that can comply with some countries guidelines.


Easily translate your content into another language for increased distribution and readership.


Transcribe your broadcast, podcast or video for the hearing impaired and for those who are watching without sound.

Generate Audio

Train a custom voice and have it read articles or summaries for on the go consumption.

Search (Semantic Search)

Search that understands natural language instead of exact text matching for broader context and recall of relevant results. Search by entity and keyword as well.

Monitor Entities and Keywords

Use entity extraction on the news and social media to extract mentions and aggregate statics on Companies, People, Institutions, Locations, Products and more with entity and keyword extractions. Display this information alongside your content

Sentiment Analysis

Perform sentiment analysis on topics, keywords and entities. Monitor sentiment towards an entity with entity-based sentiment models. Give more context to readers.

Information Classification

Classify news article, sentence, social media post, and audience conversations by categories of information including by newspaper section, industry, topic or theme (as well as sentiment). Power a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard, advanced analytics, or your own custom front-end and sync data easily with custom APIs.

Information Extraction

Extract precise snippets of information about topics, entities, and keywords for storage in your database in a structured way, for use in your internal or external facing front-end systems and products.