Searching for top 20% facts

We all know that there’s an infinite amount of data on the internet for essentially any topic. Don’t believe me? Let’s test it. It took Google 0.46 seconds to give me 460 MILLION results for “multi-label text classification.” You get the point. So when we built the algorithm the enables Skim AI to process loads of information to pull out facts and other important data points with the click of a button, we followed three guidelines to ensure we only captured the top 20% facts:

  1. Look for context. Facts that include context are the strongest and provide the most insight. Therefor, our algorithm applies a heavier weight to data that includes context in the form of numerical data points, speaker and/or author, dates, etc.
  2. Eliminate noise. The whole purpose of Skim AI is to help researchers find what they need faster which means getting rid of fluff. Approximations without numerical support, off-the-cuff journalism quotes and opinions without context nor support should not be considered valuable pieces.
  3. Prioritize for high signal, low noise. The automated aspect of Skim AI allows for highly scalable research and learning. That means as it’s sifting through millions of articles a second, it’s able to find signal (recurring and supported pieces of information) among those articles. The tool is built to identify the pieces that have high signal and low noise at the same time. This means Skim AI gets you the cleanest, most accurate results to your search.

Essentially, what we’re pulling out from every paper, article or news story are what we call “top 20% facts.” These facts fall in the top 20% of quality (in terms of the above guidelines) among others on the topic. In other words, the facts that are the most contextual and data rich and are from sources that don’t include a lot of noise. In other other words, reliable pieces of information that provide valuable insights.

The same Skim AI algorithm that identifies facts for you in an uploaded PDF or online Reuters article is also the one that scans the internet to provide you search results on our native fact-search engine. That means no paid advertisements or SEO gimmicks to get results at the top of the page. Skim AI only returns results that abide by the three guidelines above; they are high signal, now noise sources.

Skim AI brings you only top 20% facts to get you the information you need, faster. Learn more about the power of Skim AI and how you can use it to find the top 20% facts you’re looking for.

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