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Investment Research

  • Quickly find data on any company or industry
  • Search with advanced search and filter options unavailable to other big search platforms
  • Locate relevant reports (PDF, .XLS, PP) with advanced search
  • Organize and share resources to collaborate with colleagues
  • Extract valuable insights from text (Websites, PDF, Powerpoint, .XLS) with a single click
  • Utilize all features without technical support staff

Market Research

  • Research any topic efficiently in a fraction of the time
  • Find contextual information instantly with content discovery tools
  • Respond to client requests faster with advanced database search and filtering capabilities
  • Organize and collaborate on research themes
  • Utilize all features without technical support staff

Academic Research

  • Allow students and researchers to easily manage citations
  • Search academic papers, news, and your institution's resources with AI-enabled search
  • Manage research topics and collaborate more easily
  • Manage information overload by searching the world's most reliable sources for specific information

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Our tailored enterprise research management solution helps teams find the information they need faster, organize, collaborate through and retrieve data from a proprietary database. With simple set up, you can start optimizing your research today.

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