As our community of users grows, our team has taken time to listened to what you need to continue helping you optimize your efforts. With v3.0 of Skim AI, we've improved design, extended search functionality and made it even easier to skim your own files.

Introducing Entities and Keywords

Skim AI indexes articles to identify relevant entities and keywords to save users time and provide a more granular view of the article’s metadata. With automated detection, users can apply entity and keyword filters to get more relevant media results, identify trends with easy visualizations and quickly see related metadata from the instant summary.

Sync your own database.

With the click of a button, connect Skim with your Google Drive or DropBox and enable Skim’s features. With Skim’s machine learning, find exactly what you’re looking for from within your own asset library in a fraction of the time. Skim will automatically index your media pieces to organize and provide simple search based on topics, keywords or entities.

Index more file types.

Now users can index more than five file types including docx, pptx, xls, PDF and HTML which makes it easier than ever to store and retrieve any relevant media result.

Autogenerate and manage citations.

Now users can manage citations for all saved clips and documents in one place. Upload a BibTex URL or create one from a pre-filled template. Export citations in more than five formats.

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