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Online Summarization Tool

Online summary tool

Easy Online Summarization

Save time reading without missing out on the important points from the text. With Skim AI’s online summarization tool, quickly summarize any online article or your own uploaded PDF in seconds with a single click.

Summarize your way

Skim your own resources

customize the Summary length

save Sources for easy citation

online summary
online summarization
online summary tool

Import any eBook, business case, scholarly article or other PDF resource and utilize Skim AI’s online summarization tool for your own resources as well as any online article.

Use the summary length slider to customize the depth of your summary. Based on the level of detail required, choose from 10% to 35% of the original text length.

Need to save your sources for later citation? Save the original resource, the online summary and the source for easy retrieval and citation later.

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