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Market Research/Consumer Insights

Scale the breadth of your research and increase efficiency by maximizing the use of your database.  Or save time keeping up with your portfolio brands’ footprint by sweeping recent news for updates and announcements. With AI tools, discern better insights and remove human bias within any database including product reviews, call centers, survey responses, social media and any other open-ended text resources.

Investment Skim AI

Investment/Asset Management

Skim AI constantly crawls more than 50 of the world’s most trusted publications to discern trends so you can stay ahead of a rapidly evolving market. Leverage fact identification algorithms to analyze hundreds of publications, reports, and news articles and gather more insights, find new patterns in existing datasets and predict future trends in order to better diversify.

Investment Skim Ai

Academic Research

Streamline your research process and reduce reading time on articles that contain nothing of value to you. AI-trained tools provide quick summaries and fact and opinion lists from any publication to determine its relevance for your search. Collect and store all data points (with citation management) into a central location for easy retrieval and citation, automatically generated.


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