Text to Video Transforms Marketing

AI&YOU #37: Midjourney’s text-to-video will transform marketing teams

Stat of the Week: Midjourney’s user base exceeds 16 million, a testament to its widespread appeal in AI art generation.

In this week’s edition, we continue our series on generative AI company profiles, diving deeper into Midjourney, a top AI image generator.

We will be exploring some key themes, such as:

  • How Midjourney Text-to-Video Will Transform Marketing Teams

  • 5 Ways Your Enterprise Can Use Midjourney

  • Midjourney vs. DALL-E 3: Which AI Image Generator Should You Use?

At Skim AI, we have harnessed the power of Midjourney, integrating it into our daily content workflow for tasks such as creating blog and newsletter thumbnails and graphics.

AI&YOU #37: Midjourney’s text-to-video will transform marketing teams.

In the dynamic landscape of generative AI, Midjourney has established itself as a formidable name, primarily known for its groundbreaking work in AI-driven image creation. Renowned for its ability to transform textual prompts into stunning visual art, Midjourney has carved out a unique niche in the realm of generative AI.

Now, poised to take a significant leap forward, Midjourney has announced the development of its latest innovation: a text-to-video model. This upcoming addition, said to be released in the coming months, represents a monumental step in the evolution of AI content generation, promising to significantly impact the way visual content is created and secure a spot for Midjourney among leading text-to-video platforms.

The Evolution of Midjourney: From Images to Video

Midjourney’s evolution from a platform focused on AI-generated images to one capable of creating videos signifies a critical development in its trajectory. Initially celebrated for its ability to produce detailed visuals from text, Midjourney’s shift to video generation reflects a strategic response to the growing demand for dynamic digital content.

This expansion into “text-to-video” models, announced by CEO David Holz, underscores Midjourney’s commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of generative AI. This move is timely, distinguishing Midjourney in a competitive market and reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in the generative AI revolution, attuned to market trends and user demands.

Midjourney Will Lead the AI Image Generation Sector

Midjourney’s foray into the AI video generation sector marks a significant moment in an already dynamic and competitive field, bustling with key players like Stability AI, Meta, Pika, and others. Each competitor, with its unique strengths, contributes to the evolving industry. Notable developments include Stability AI’s Stable Video Diffusion and Meta’s EMU video generator.

Midjourney, renowned for its high-quality image generation, is poised to infuse the video sector with its distinct emphasis on artistic nuance and refinement. This move could redefine industry standards, compelling competitors to enhance their offerings and sparking a wave of innovation focused on the artistic and technical quality of AI-generated videos.

Midjourney Text-to-Video Will Change Marketing Teams

Midjourney’s entry into AI video generation heralds a new era in advertising and marketing, equipping teams of all sizes with powerful tools for video campaign creation. This advancement democratizes access to high-quality video production, a domain that traditionally required significant resources and specialized skills.

Empowering Teams with AI-Driven Video Tools

Midjourney’s AI video technology democratizes video advertisement production, enabling smaller businesses and startups to create high-quality content that rivals that of larger companies, thus leveling the competitive field.

Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency in Campaigns

The platform enhances the efficiency and creative potential of video creation for marketing teams, allowing for quick experimentation with various styles and narratives, thereby enriching the creative process.

Transforming Video Advertising Strategies

Midjourney enables marketing teams to rapidly produce and adapt video content, aligning closely with market trends and audience feedback, thus making advertising strategies more dynamic and engaging.

Broadening the Scope of Video Marketing

Midjourney’s AI expands the possibilities in video marketing, facilitating the creation of complex, narrative-driven content that captures audience attention in digital and social media platforms.

Other Future Implications and Industry Transformation

Midjourney’s move into video generation signals a transformative shift in media consumption and content perception, with significant implications for entertainment, advertising, and news media. This advancement will democratize video production, allowing creators and small enterprises to rival larger studios in producing high-quality content. Moreover, its potential in revolutionizing educational content promises more engaging and accessible learning experiences, and its integration with virtual and augmented reality promises to enhance immersion and interactivity in these platforms.

This significant milestone in digital content creation by Midjourney reflects a broader trend in AI advancements, blurring the lines between human creativity and machine efficiency. As we step into this AI-driven era, the key challenge lies in using these technologies to augment human creativity and enrich our media landscapes, responsibly and innovatively. Midjourney’s foray into video generation is not merely a corporate progression; it marks a pivotal step towards a future where AI is an integral, transformative element in digital content creation.

5 Ways Your Enterprise Can Use Midjourney

This week, we also look at 5 ways your enterprise can generate images with Midjourney’s AI. All of the images included in this newsletter were generated with Midjourney.

1. Highly Realistic Stock Images for Commercial Use

Midjourney’s AI technology revolutionizes digital marketing with custom, highly realistic stock images for commercial purposes, enabling the creation of bespoke visual content. These AI-generated images, depicting humans in various settings, enhance the relatability and engagement of marketing campaigns, website designs, and promotional materials, offering specificity and resonance beyond traditional stock photos.

2. Social Media Graphics and Infographics

Midjourney excels in producing captivating social media graphics and infographics, tailored to brand messaging. It enhances social media presence with visually appealing, brand-aligned imagery, simplifying complex data and ensuring branding consistency.

3. Blog Image Thumbnails and In-Text Images

Midjourney is key in creating engaging blog thumbnails and in-text images, crucial for attracting readers. It generates aesthetically pleasing and content-relevant visuals, enhancing the appeal and informativeness of blogs.

4. Logos and Icons

The tool uniquely crafts logos and icons, blending AI creativity with brand nuances. It offers a spectrum of design options, from minimalist to intricate, aligning with brand ethos and enhancing software usability with cohesive icon designs.

5. Concept Creation and Development

Midjourney transforms the early stages of product development by visualizing initial concepts across industries, from clothing to video games. It facilitates a rapid exploration of ideas, providing near-realistic visual representations and mood boards that streamline the design process, sparking creativity and accelerating the journey from concept to finished product.

Midjourney vs. DALL-E 3: Which AI Image Generator Should You Use?

At their core, both Midjourney and DALL-E 3 utilize advanced AI techniques to transform text prompts into visual art. They are trained on vast databases of text-image pairs, allowing them to understand and interpret complex concepts and visual styles.

But which should you or your enterprise choose?


Midjourney, operating within Discord and soon a website, offers a distinct approach to AI art generation. It stands out for its artistic flair in producing images, often leaning towards more interpretive and stylistic renditions.

Midjourney provides extensive customization options, including aspect ratio, image variation, and specific image regions, catering to users who value detailed control over their creations. It operates on a tiered subscription model, allowing users to select plans based on their usage and budget. Midjourney’s legal and commercial usage terms offer freedom for commercial purposes, though users must navigate the broader legal complexities of AI-generated images.

The image below is Midjourney’s contribution to the prompt “a serene sunset.”


DALL-E 3, accessible through ChatGPT, Bing Image Creator, and its API, offers a straightforward and user-friendly experience for generating AI art. It excels in creating vivid, literal interpretations of prompts with high clarity and precision.

While it has fewer customization options compared to Midjourney, DALL-E 3 compensates with its simplicity and integration with Microsoft tools, enhancing workflow efficiency. Its pricing is available through the ChatGPT Plus subscription or free via Microsoft tools, with some limitations. DALL-E 3 allows commercial use but with restrictions on certain content types, aligning with legal standards and OpenAI’s terms. DALL-E 3 is ideal for those seeking a more intuitive and direct method for creating high-quality AI-generated art.

And here is DALL-E’s contribution:

In our opinion, Midjourney provides higher-quality visuals. It offers extensive customization and artistic versatility, making it ideal for users who enjoy detailed control over their creative process. It’s well-suited for artists, designers, and enterprises seeking unique, stylistic outputs. With that said, it does involve a learning curve to get good results.

DALL-E 3, with its simplicity and ease of use, is better suited for users seeking a straightforward, intuitive experience. It’s ideal for content creators, marketers, and businesses needing quick visuals with minimal fuss.

We encourage readers to explore both Midjourney and DALL-E 3 to discover which platform aligns best with their creative vision and goals. Embracing these tools will not only enhance your creative repertoire but also keep you at the cutting edge of digital art innovation.

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