Machine Learning Solutions for Individuals and Enterprises

Data is everything. But with too much available to process, we are paralyzed by information overload. From students to CEOs, Skim AI offers useful solutions for individuals at all levels that help you cut through the noise, discern better insights and make better decisions based on data that matters.

What we do for...

Custom ML Services

  • AI Advisory & Investor due diligence
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  • Onboarding / Consultation: Problem definition and refinement to align available data, current technology and an organization’s goals.
  • Design, Build, Deploy & Maintain ML models via custom API
  • Updating, Upgrading and Optimizing Models to get the most out of new data and to tweak models to perform at optimal levels as changes in real-world data deviate from training data.

For Enterprises

For Researchers

  • Plug-and-play Chrome extension
  • Save time on research with AI-enabled search
  • Cut through the noise with a proprietary fact-search engine that crawls 500+ of world’s top resources
  • Save, organize and share data in one central repository for simple retrieval and better team collaboration
  • Sync personal or professional databases for advances search functions
  • Generate citations for an easier publication process


1 NO ML AI Experience Required

No ML/AI experience required

From plug-and-play to fully customized models, roll out a machine learning solution for your organization with no prior ML experience nor the requirement of a data scientist. Our team at Skim AI will work with you along the way.

5 Find long term partners

Find long-term partners

It’s hard to find and maintain reliable talent with the expertise needed to guide, implement, and maintain your AI/ML solutions. We operate as long-term partners with our clients on AI / ML projects so they can focus on their core business instead of AI product and engineering talent management. We typically work closely with CTOs and COOs to build a solution based on their data and requirements.

2 Get up and running quickly

Get up and running quickly

With the click of a button, you can operationalize ML with Skim AI’s out-of-the-box tools. For custom solutions, our team customizes, builds, trains and maintains your model, so you lose no time deploying the project internally. Keep resources where they’re best utilized and leave this heavy lifting to us.

6 Identify Relevant Content

Identify Relevant Content

With 100,000 new webpages containing news and other data published each day, it's hard to stay on top of what’s relevant for your job. Our platform’s out-of-the-box tools will help you deal with information overload by identifying mission-critical content quickly from over 170 trusted global news sources.

3 Customize solution

Customize your solution

Make ML work for you. Through integrations and customizations, both out-of-the-box and custom-built solutions are tailored to produce the results you need.

7 Reduce key man risk

Reduce key-man risk

Reduce the risk to your organization of key talent necessary to project leaves for a higher paying role and delays your timetable to implement a project by a year. IT & Engineering have one of the highest turnover rates among all employee groups.

4 Sync and organize content

Sync and organize content in one place

Keep your organization’s information in one place. As you pick up pieces to uncover a trend, store data in your customized Skim Library. With AI search and storing functionality, never duplicate efforts again. Share folders and files across teams to track resources by client, stock ticker, industry, market or any other variable to support your company’s operations.

8 Share knowledge throughout

Share knowledge throughout your organization

Many knowledge management systems fall short when it comes to collaborative research. Stop relying on emails and shared folders with whole documents. Effortlessly collaborate with Research Boards that allow you to save (and pin) granular information for easy reference and use.