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MBAs & Students

Save time preparing cases and find extra insights in the news

  • Instant Data Extraction from Cases in PDF
  • Extraction of key Facts & Quotes with 1-Click
  • Fact search engine for market research on current news
  • Manage cases & organize research by class or theme
  • Save individual sentences from cases and news
  • PDF & APA support

PHDs & Academics

All in one Research Management with Citation Support

  • Knowledge & Citations Management
  • PDF Tools with sentence level functionality
  • Time Saving Summarization
  • Extraction of Key Facts
  • Fact search-engine for market research
  • PDF & APA support (Beta)
  • Search your University's or Public Databases for related papers

Investors & Consultants

Quickly Skim the Latest News on most Stock Symbols

  • Search for data in written News by Stock Symbol
  • Easily Perform Market & Industry Research
  • Fact Search Engine to extract recent company data
  • Clip, Store and Retrieve relevant data
  • Organize research of investments in a simple layout
  • Fact Identification Algorithm Saves Time Researching
  • Skim Macro-Research & News Quickly

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