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This week, learn how to use ChatGPT’s web browsing plugins like a pro to do better work in a shorter amount of time than your work colleagues.

We take a deep dive into ChatGPT’s self-evaluation, providing insights into how web browsing plug-ins can evolve. Then, we gear up with a comprehensive guide to exploit this functionality for your benefit, complete with effective prompt recipes.

If your enterprise needs help leveraging ChatGPT, building custom prompts and using web browsing functionality to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, schedule a call using the link below.

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AI & YOU #7: How to use web browsing plug ins like Webpilot with Chat GPT+ & Skim AI prompt recipes!

June 11, 2023

Before learning how to leverage the internet with ChatGPT web browsing, it’s important to recognize some of its limitations. And what better way to do that than by listening to ChatGPT’s own assessment?

Assessing ChatGPT’s Web Access Plug-ins

The integration of web browsing attributes and plugins into ChatGPT represents an exciting breakthrough. However, the performance of these tools, especially within the Beta version of ChatGPT Plus, has yielded diverse outcomes.

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While the web browsing feature displays potential in examining specific subjects, it isn’t without shortcomings. Following a prompt submission, the model explores the web, formulates search results, clicks links, and condenses findings. Despite its remarkable ability to generate precise search queries, the feature introduces noticeable challenges such as recurring ‘Click Failed’ notifications, accuracy discrepancies in summaries, and occasional irrelevant responses to the provided prompt.

ChatGPT’s Self-Assessment of WebPilot

During one of our recent interactions, ChatGPT offered a candid review of the WebPilot plugin’s performance, highlighting areas of inefficiency and potential improvements.

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In its assessment, ChatGPT displayed acute awareness of the WebPilot plugin’s current limitations. The suggested potential improvements are a promising indication of the plugin’s future development.

WebPilot and The Prompt Injection Issue

Known for its capacity to succinctly summarize web content, WebPilot recently found itself at the center of a data privacy concern. A security researcher, Johann Rehberger, discovered that WebPilot could absorb prompts from the text of the pages it was summarizing. These prompts could then inadvertently activate another plugin.

The scenario Rehberger created exemplifies a “prompt injection attack.” This type of attack happens when external prompts, such as hidden instructions on web pages or tampered transcripts, are consumed by one plugin, leading to the unexpected activation of a different plugin. The unsettling part is that this process occurs without explicit user consent.

Looking Forward

Given the performance and security issues present, it’s evident that ChatGPT plugins like WebPilot still have considerable room for improvement. The quest towards seamlessly integrated AI is ongoing, and it’s vital to identify, scrutinize, and tackle these challenges to make meaningful progress in the field.


How to Use ChatGPT Web Browsing + Prompt Recipes

Despite some of its limitations, the integrated Плагін для браузера Bingа також інші, як-от WebPilotChatGPT може отримувати своєчасну інформацію з Інтернету, відкриваючи нові можливості як для бізнесу, так і для індивідуальних користувачів.

Незалежно від того, чи є ви представником бізнесу, який шукає тактику лідогенерації на основі чату, творцем контенту, який прагне свіжих ідей, професіоналом, якому потрібні ефективні інструменти для нетворкінгу та досліджень, або просто людиною, яка хоче спланувати ідеальний маршрут подорожі, плагін для браузера пропонує динамічну платформу, яка задовольнить безліч потреб.

230608 ChatGPT Web Browsing Use Cases (1) 

Написання ефективних рецептів підказок для оптимального виводу ChatGPT

При використанні ChatGPT, особливо з плагіном перегляду, створення чітко визначених і конкретних підказок є ключем до отримання найкращих результатів. Значення рецептів підказок неможливо переоцінити, оскільки вони керують реакцією ChatGPT, оптимізуючи якість і релевантність результатів.

We have come up with a 4-step process for effectively writing ChatGPT prompts:

230608 1 Define the problem (1) 230608 2 Scope of work (1) 230608 3 Generate outline (1) 230608 4 Iterate on response (1) 

Following this iterative process when writing prompts for ChatGPT ensures a more targeted approach and yields more accurate and useful results. It’s like having a conversation with the AI, where you gradually steer it towards providing the exact information or assistance you need.

Варіанти використання веб-браузера ChatGPT (і підказки)

There are many great use cases for ChatGPT web browsing as long as you use effective prompts. This is why we included starting prompts for each use case, including content research, social media, networking, competitor analysis, education, and travel planning.

Take a look at one of these sample prompts (Content Research):

"Я пишу статтю про [ТЕМА]. Мені потрібна ваша допомога в дослідженні [ТЕМА]. Будь ласка, виконайте наступне дослідницьке завдання:"

1. Find information about the latest developments in [TOPIC]. 

2. Write a structured list of notes

If you want to use the other starting prompts or learn more about how you can become and expert in ChatGPT prompt engineering, check out the full blog!


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