About us

The two founders of Skim AI, Evan and Greggory, officially incorporated Skim AI in 2017, to democratize access to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology for researching text-based media information on the Internet, and shortly after began to solve computer vision problems.

Clients of Skim AI rely on the team to manage Digital Transformation for Machine Learning, Executive Education, Advisory and architecting solutions that focus on software automation.

Clients range from a wide variety of industries including: Media & Film Production, Cryptocurrency, Media / Communications / PR, Education Technology, Financial Technology (Fintech), and Legal Technology.

The founding team started the company to solve interesting problems and to have the freedom to be creative with problems solving. Our company culture prizes execution and entrepreneurial ownership to deliver on new projects, and this is a big motivation the founders partnered to start a company together. We are intensely focused on Research & Development with a focus on actually solving problems.

This is why the Skim AI team has successfully deployed AI solutions to solve real world problems for 100% of our clients, compared to the industry average of 15% of AI projects reaching production.

We pride ourselves on being reliable and on execution, and that is why we believe 90% of our lifetime clients are still working with us as their companies expand.

Over that time they have worked on language-based tasks, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and vision based tasks.

Григорій Еліас

• Executive, founder, speaker and writer who specializes in Digital Transformation for Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence, Executive Education, Project Management, innovation,

• M.B.A. from IESE Business School

• B.A. in Economics & Philosophy from Vanderbilt University

Evan Davis

• Executive, founder, inventor, and problem solver who specializes in creative solutions utilizing the latest research in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, Executive Education, Project Management

• B.A. in Computer Science from New York University