Photo & Film

Are you looking to reduce the amount of post production and image and video processing work of your team through software automation that utilizes machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)?

These are some of the ways our clients have used ML and AI at scale


Remove people and objects from the background across thousands of images and video frames at a time to apply edits to the subject or foreground.
Dynamic Chromakey

Dynamic Chromakey

Use ML / AI to remove subject from a green background, real-time segmentation

White-balance and colorization and color mastering

If you are shooting from different devices or if sensors are slightly different, or if the time of the day or lighting is inconsistent across a shoot, you can apply post processing to your shoot all at once without the thousands of individual clicks that could be required with traditional methods such as photoshop.
Dynamic Chromakeywbc

Object Detection

Looking for objects across a scene for removal, processesing, or for identification for potential marketing opportunities?

Generation of 3D assets


Style Transfer

Apply stylization of colors, textures and lines across images and movies using images or frames as inputs for a style and applying it to other images or whole videos / movies.