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In data lies opportunity. Enterprise companies suffer from either too much data to sort through or not enough to provide valuable insights. Skim AI is changing that with easily implemented data science solutions. Crawl more than 50 of the web’s most trusted solutions to collect new information, or sync with your company’s database to find your teams’ previously published work.



Keep your organization’s information in once place. As you pick up pieces to uncover a trend, store data in your customized Skim Library. With AI search and storing functionality, never duplicate efforts again. Share folders and files across teams to track resources by client, stock ticker, market or any other variable to support your company’s operations.



With collected and well structured data, discovering trends and gathering insights is becomes a more streamlined process. Search for exactly what you’re looking for and see results at sentence level. Keep up with market changes and evolving news with half of the effort with AI-driven solutions.

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Our tailored enterprise data intelligence solutions help teams find the information they need faster, organize, collaborate through and retrieve data from a proprietary database. With simple set up, you can start optimizing your research today.